Real Madrid Live Wait Time Gaet Ceballos

Dani Ceballos

Real Madrid Live Wait Time Gaet Ceballos
Real Betis midfielder Dani Ceballos has agreed to join Real Madrid this summer. The arrival of Ceballas to the Santiago Bernabeu is said to be a matter of time Sbobet Indonesia.

As reported by Marca, Real Madrid secures the services of Ceballos at a price that is not expensive. Los Blancos just need to spend as much as 18 million euros to bid for this 20-year-old player.

On Monday (10/07/2017), Ceballos is scheduled to undergo medical tests as well as sign a six-year contract. The announcement of Ceballos as a last player Real Madrid planned to be held on Tuesday (10/07/2017).

That’s a positive step for Real Madrid, which has been known to easily spend fantastic funds to buy players. Ceballos himself staying digadang will be the future midfielder of the Spanish national team.
Previously, Real Madrid also recruit Theo Hernandez at a low price from Atletico Madrid. Los Blancos also paid only 30 million euros to their city club for the service of Theo Hernandez.

Real Madrid are building a team with a row of young players they recruit. If Ceballos is only 20 years old, Theo Hernandez is younger, 19 years old.

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