Courtois Fails Penalty Execution, Cech: He’s Too Pede!

Courtois Fails Penalty Execution, Cech: He’s Too Pede!

Petr Cech claims that the action of Thibaut Courtois who took part in the penalty kick is too confident. In the end, Chelsea were forced to subdue from Arsenal in the Community Shield, with a penalty shoot (4-1).

In a Community Shield match that brings between Arsenal face Chelsea, 1-1 1-1 in normal time. Opening goal at the beginning of the game by Victor Moses, able to reply with a header off the Gunners Sead Kolasinac last hell ahead of the second round ended.

The game must be continued with the round of penalties. There are interesting and unusual things as Courtois, who in fact is a goalkeeper, suddenly advanced to be the second penalty taker Chelsea.

Unfortunately, the execution of the Belgian goalkeeper on the crossbar. He who became the second kicker failed and became one of the causes of the Blues mental collapse.

The failure of a Courtois penalty defeats Chelsea

Cech, who once coached while still in one team, talked about Courtois habits that often do penalty exercises. But to be able to apply it in official action, it takes extra courage from a goalkeeper.

“Previously we had played together and we made a lot of challenges during training sessions in penalty kicks. So this is not usually where he takes the kicks, “said Cech.

Arsenal goalkeeper was also said if the failure of a penalty from Courtois has made penggawa Chelsea down.

“So this is probably why he failed, he tried to put the ball in the top corner on the other side that I wanted to guess so the fact we already know each other and I know their players, maybe it makes it harder for them.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger also commented on Courtois courage, saying: “It’s risky when a goalkeeper takes a penalty. When they score goals they will look strong but when they fail they are weak. All our penalties go in, ”

Arsenal also now have high expectations, and this momentum can start their success in the Premier League. The Gunners will start the 2017-18 season competition by facing Leicester City at home. (Source: Evening Standard)

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