Back Lost, Semen Padang Kian Close to the Degradation Zone

Back Lost, Semen Padang Kian Close to the Degradation Zone

Semen Padang again had to swallow a bitter pill defeat Situs Judi.

This time when dealing with Barito Putera in advanced Liga 1 Indonesia, Monday (25/09/2017) night, at H Agus Salim Stadium, Padang, West Sumatra, Semen padang defeated by a score of 1-2.

This defeat extended the never-ending record of Kabau Sirah, nicknamed Semen Padang, into eight matches and getting them closer to the relegation zone.

Had superior first through Vendri Mofu in the 30th minute, Semen Padang failed to maintain excellence.

Barito Putera was able to reply through Wilian Lira’s goal in the 54th minute and Douglas Packer in the 70th minute.

“The players have struggled to the maximum, and the result is not what we expected,” said coach of Semen Padang, Nilmaizar, after the match.

This defeat did not change the position of Semen Padang in the 14th position of the standings.

However, the position is prone to sag to the rank-15 because the PS TNI that will face Mitra Kukar will take place on this day, Tuesday (26/09/2017).

If the PS TNI wins, the position of Semen Padang will drop. Distance points between Semen Padang and PS TNI are just two points.

Distance of Semen Padang with Perseru which is in 16th position, which is the final limit of degradation, still remain the same, which is six points.

Perseru who played against Bali United at the same time with Semen Padang against Barito Putera suffered a 2-0 defeat.

Perseru has the opportunity to shorten the distance with Semen Padang. For, in the week-to-27 match, Perseru will face Arema in Serui and have a chance to win.

As for Semen Padang will face PSM in Makassar.

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