Atletico Madrid Not Prepare Tickets for Barcelona Supporters

Atletico Madrid Not Prepare Tickets for Barcelona Supporters

After holding a closed match against Las Palmas, last week, Barcelona again without supporters when trying out the strength of Atletico Madrid, 15 October. The reason, the host does not provide tickets for the supporters of the Blaugrana.

As reported by the US, last week, Barcelona was forced to hold a match without an audience at Camp Nou. The move was taken following the atmosphere of Catalonia, who was holding a referendum to split from Spain. In this duel, Barca won 3-0.

The match against Atletico will then be held at the headquarters of opponents, Wanda Metropolitano, Madrid. However, Barcelona supporters are also back ‘compounded’ as the hosts, in this case Atletico Madrid, do not provide ticket quota for the visitors’ supporters.

As reported by the US, Barcelona has received this news from Atletico. Through its official website, Barcelona explained the unfortunate situation was caused by the logistics problem of the host. Thus, it can be sure tickets for guest supporters are not there.

“Due to logistical problems at the new Wanda Metropolitano stadium, Atletico de Madrid can not provide tickets previously offered to Barcelona supporters for the matches held on Saturday 14 October,” the statement said.

Atletico prefers supporters and allocates 112 tickets. The same problem experienced by Atletico when meeting Malaga and Sevilla. When meeting Malaga, Atletico Madrid even only provide 194 tickets for supporters opponent.

Atletico will also host Qarabag in the Champions League group stage. For this match, Qarabag has requested a quota of tickets of five percent.

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