Candreva Semringah Scores Victory For Italy

Candreva Semringah Scores Victory For Italy

Italian Winger Antonio Candreva, 30, welcomed a 1-0 victory over Albania in Group G 2018 World Cup 2018 qualifying match at Loro Borici Stadium, Shkoder on Monday (9/10/2017) or Tuesday morning

Italy’s single goal scored by Antonio Candreva in the 73rd minute.

Team beralanas Gli Azzurri was successfully returned to victory lane after playing poorly when hosted Macedonia (1-1) on October 6, 2017.

“I think it was a great result after we were held to a draw in Macedonia,” Antonio Candreva said as quoted by from Rai Sport.

“We’ve done an evaluation and we’ve been able to get up together and we have to keep going until we play in the play-offs now we’re just waiting for our opponents,” Candreva said.

Candreva could play a vital role for Italy in the play-off phase.

Goal to the Albanian goalkeeper is his seventh run of 50 caps alongside Gli Azzurri.

Three Candreva cuts have appeared since Italy was handled by Gian Piero Ventura on July 19, 2016.

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