Persib Without National Team Midfielder Face PSM

Persib Without National Team Midfielder Face PSM

Persib Bandung midfielder, Dedi Kusnandar, was forced to be left by his team when heading to the headquarters PSM Makassar in the competition continued Liga 1 2017 at Andi Mattalatta Stadium, Makassar, Sunday (15/10/2017).

The player who was nicknamed Andrea Pirlo Persib was forced to miss. Dedi, who defended the Indonesian national team in this AFF 2016 Cup suffered a knee injury, which he got during the game against Barito Putera on Monday (09/10/2017).

“Dado (Dedi Kusnandar) after the therapy and given enough good medicine, just when tried in the field is still less comfortable to certain movements,” said Doctor Tim Persib, Raffi Ghani.

“After counseling with the team so the coach finally not taken, we better prepare Dado (Dedi Kusnandar) for the next game rather than brought fear even long heal his injury,” he explained.

According to Raffi, knee injury became the scourge of Persib players this season. Even some names penggawang Maung Bandung like Sergio van Dijk and Tantan predicted to finish the competition first.

“Dado (Dedi Kusnandar) injuries to the left knee part of the dalem in the inner ligament.Recovery is only a few days ahead, we think risky if played in the next game,” he explained.

“So what if I see injuries not from injuries during training (many who get knee injuries), but this is a clash with the opponent, he is being hammered out when kicking, so not because of an exercise program,” Raffi said.

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