Ezra Walian Facing Former Club, Almere City Lose the Telak

Ezra Walian Facing Former Club, Almere City Lose the Telak

The young national team striker Ezra Walian for the first time faces his former team, Jong Ajax, in an Eerste Divisie game or second league caste. However, Almere City FC which strengthened Ezra not move and give up 0-3, Monday (16/10/2017) or Tuesday morning GMT.

As quoted from Soccerway.com, Ezra Walian placed Almere City coach, Jack de Gier, as a central midfielder. He was accompanied by Gaston Salasiwa and Charles Telfer to control Almere’s midfield.

In the defender’s position, Almere placed four players, Kees van Buuren, Damon Mirani, Calvin Mac-Intosch, and Leeroy Owusu.

Meanwhile, at the front-line post, Jack de Gier entrusted to Arsenio Valpoort, Achille Vaarnold, and Dennis van der Heijden.

Playing against Jong Ajax, who is the top standings, Almere continues to be under pressure. Jong Ajax scored the opening goal in the 19th minute through Mateo Cassierra.

Cassierra kick off from outside the penalty box. The ball that had about the player Almere turn and make goalkeeper Chiel Kramer dead step.

For Cassierra, this goal is the eighth in the Eerste Divisie.

Although kept locked up, Almere was able to threaten in the 31st minute.

Through a process of counterattack, Achille Vaarnold managed to penetrate the penalty box Jong Ajax. However, Vaarnold kick can still be pushed over goalkeeper Norbert Alblas.

Jong Ajax able to double the advantage in the 45th minute. Spurts along the ground of Vaclav Cerny from outside the forbidden box are not able to reach Kramer.

The 2-0 score for Jong Ajax lasted until halftime.

Entering the second half, Jong Ajax still maintain the intensity of the onslaught.

Fans of the host again cheered in the 53rd minute after Noussair Mazraoui scored a goal.

Receiving a cross from Dennis Johnsen, Mazraoui easily cheats the ball in Almere’s goal mouth.

Stung with a Jong Ajax goal, Almere fired back. In the 62nd minute, Arsenio Valpoort perform individual action to pierce until the box 12 fitting.

However, Valpoort kicks can still be read by Alblas. In the 89th minute, Jong Ajax got a golden chance to carve a goal.

However, Kramer appeared deft to dismiss Cassierra’s close-range shot.

The 3-0 score remained unchanged until the final whistle sounded.

Raihan three points confirmed Jong Ajax at the top of the standings Eerste Divisie with 23 points. Meanwhile, Almere stuck in the rankings to 14 with nine points. (Septian Tambunan)

Jong Ajax 3-0 Almere City (Mateo Cassierra 19 ‘, Vaclav Cerny 45’, Noussair Mazraoui 53 ‘)

Composition of Players

Jong Ajax (4-3-3): 1-Norbert Alblas; 5-Mitchell Dijks, 4-Leon Bergsma, 3-Darren Sidoel, 2-Deyovaisio Zeefuik; 15-Daley Sinkgraven, 6-Carel Eiting, 10-Noussair Mazraoui (16-Dani de Wit 64 ‘); 7-Vaclav Cerny (19-Zian Flemming 72 ‘), 9-Mateo Cassierra, 11-Dennis Johnsen

Coach: Michael Reiziger

Almere City (4-3-3): 1-Chiel Kramer; 2-Kees van Buuren (5-Josef Kvida 78 ‘), 14-Damon Mirani, 3-Calvin Mac-Intosch, 13-Leeroy Owusu; 20-Gaston Salasiwa, 16-Charles Telfer (8-Jeffrey Rijsdijk 63 ‘), 18-Ezra Walian; 17-Arsenio Valpoort, 23-Achille Vaarnold (24-Anass Ahannach 51 ‘), 9-Dennis van der Heijden

Coach: Jack de Gier

Referee: Christiaaan Bax

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