Difficult Four Great, PSSI Only Target Top 10 In Asian Games 2018

Difficult Four Great, PSSI Only Target Top 10 In Asian Games 2018

PSSI finally changed their target in next year’s Asian Games event. Parent national football is only a burden to Luis Milla’s team to finish in the top ten.

This is certainly very different from the target that proclaimed by PSSI general chairman Edy Rahmayadi, when appointing Milla as Indonesia national team coach. At that Edy gave the target to the Spanish coach to bring Indonesia to qualify for the semifinals.

More realistically set targets

Secretary General PSSI Queen Tisha mentions if the target of the top 10 or quarterfinal is a realistic target that can be obtained. Moreover, the Ministry of Youth and Sports (Kemenpora) also proclaimed the same target after they both met two weeks ago.

“Kemenpora already asked realistic target PSSI. We are called to discuss the important things, see the composition and we just rise 2016, PSSI only target the minimum top ten, “said Tisha.

Tisha assess the target change because it refers to national football conditions that have not been as good as many problems that befall.

“The target is not the result, this we again talk to the players please do not be challenged. We have to talk technical detail realistisnya like, we as the host must be top ten, “he concluded.

Previously Tisha also explained since the beginning of the big four target is not the will of PSSI. But the government in this case Kemenpora that fix the achievement for the Indonesian national team in the Asian Games 2018.

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